DOTA 2 Sets Prize Record Again

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As of this composition, The International has a current prize pool of $34,467,857 for DOTA 2, solidly obscuring the $34.3 million produced for a year ago’s competition. This is the second time the esports event has broken records for the prize pool.

The International’s prize pool is financed by deals of Dota 2 fight passes. A fourth of all deals go legitimately to the prize pool, so as more individuals keep on purchasing fight passes, the pot will just get bigger.Covid-19 is to a great extent to fault during the current year’s record prize pool. The competition regularly happens toward the beginning of August yet with the pandemic, Valve had to delay it.

DOTA 2 The International Schedule

Prior this week, the authority Dota 2 Twitter account said the ongoing increment in eccentricism of the infection implies they can’t focus on new dates for the competition. “We share your energy in coming back to these occasions, and will report refreshes when we can,” the post included.

As indicated by the Steam details page, Dota 2 is the second most mainstream game on the stage by player tally with in excess of 500,000 current players as of this composition. At the current rate, it’s altogether conceivable that The International probably won’t be played at all in 2020.