Nitrogen Sports Sportsbook Review

Nitrogen Sports Sportsbook Review

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Nitrogen Sports Sportsbook ReviewNitrogen sports has been around for more than 8 years. They are a popular online sportsbook that is known for having higher betting limits. This makes them a favorite for those who like high stakes sports betting. But beyond their betting limits, many want to know more about them. Are they solely a sportsbook, do they function as a Bookie PPH as well? Do they offer bitcoin as a currency? To answer these questions, we have our Nitrogen Sports sportsbook review. 

There aren’t much reviews of the nitrogen sportsbook going around, mostly because they are still relatively new. But they are popular, so we went ahead to try it for ourselves. And since we have little reference on how they are based on other gambling software reviews, we are going in blind. 

Nitrogen Sports Sportsbook Information

Nitrogen Sports Info

  • Inception: 2012
  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Country Restriction: Costa Rica
  • Telephone: email or chat support
  • Live Chat: yes
  • email:
  • Website:

Sportsbook Features

  • Welcome Bonus: none
  • Bonuses: Reduced juice
  • Refer-a- Friend: 0.3% of total wager
  • Sports Betting and Live Betting
  • Bitcoin Only Sportsbook
  • Large betting markets
  • Esports

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Nitrogen Sports Banking Options and Promotions

Nitrogen Sports Sportsbook is a bitcoin-only sportsbook. Meaning, anyone who places a bet in their site can do so with bitcoin, and cashing out is bitcoin as well. So far, Nitrogen sports is good at giving out payouts on time. They also claim to host their bitcoin wallets offline to provide players with a more secure option. But since Nitrogen sports is less than a decade old, many veteran bettors will not be keeping that much in their wallets. Of course, this would be a good rule to follow in every online sportsbook you join. 

The do not have a welcome bonus, or a deposit bonus. But their offer of reduced juice is a good long-term strategy to keep their players active. They also have a referral system where you get 0.3% of the total wager of the person you referred. This is regardless if the bet wins or loses. 

The Nitrogen Sports Sportsbook Review

Nitrogen Sports Sportsbook Review

In our sportsbook reviews, we always look at the variety of betting markets available in any software provider. Nitrogen sports exceeded our expectation in terms of the betting options they have. From the most popular sports leagues in the US, to European football, they have it. If you are looking at more obscure sports, they also have odds on them. 

What we did notice is that for every event they have, the variety of betting options are not as plentiful compared to other sportsbooks. So, while you do have the option to bet on a lot more games than usual, the wagers you can place could be a bit more limited.

Furthermore, many sports bettors may not pick Nitrogen Sports as their top choice, especially if they are not into bitcoin. Since Nitrogen sports is a Bitcoin only site, they attract players who prefer this form of currency. While it may not be as mainstream as cash or other form of transactions, Bitcoin betting actually gives player more privacy, since you can create an account and give your payment details anonymously. If you are big on secrecy, then this is an option for you. 

Should You Bet with Nitrogen Sports?

If you are into protecting your privacy online, and you own Bitcoin, then Nitrogen sports is a good option for you. The sheer number of sports events you can bet on is a lot, and even more than the more popular sportsbooks in the market. But their wagering options are a bit limited, so if you are after more exotic or exciting wagers, you may have to look elsewhere. But looking at their software, which is easy to use, and their offerings, which are many, there’s no reason to avoid their site.


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