Museum Trends This Quarantine

Museum Trends This Quarantine

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Museum Trends This QuarantineHalf of the year is over, and most of it is in quarantine! However, Museums ensure that this time was creatively charged and found new ways to reach us. Please take a look at museum trends adopted during this lockdown and provides its audiences not to have a dull moment.

Finding new places and means for something you love is like a gold pot at the end of a rainbow. It is also when you are playing on your favorite online game, and you eventually unfold the online casino secrets for a big win.

Here Are Some Museum Trends This Quarantine

Museum from Home

This trend dominated the lockdown period with Museums sharing their collections through minute-long videos of curators’ favorite objects—also, visual tours of the galleries and exhibits and or conversation stories and more.

Museum Games

The lockdown all gave us a glimpse of how innovative the people can get with presenting the Museum Games. It started with crosswords and trivia, followed by a rise in art-jigsaw puzzles. Museums also played spot-the-difference and treasure hunts. An Instagram Bingo was a great way of getting the reality check about things that a lot may not have been seen.

Online Learning

This particular trend made us wonder why museums were not using social media for online learning programs before the lockdown. However, 2020 has instore a major swift in the ways people consume content and social media as one of the best options available for museums to connect with audiences.

Online-Challenges and Community Connections

The audiences are channeling their creative energies even more than before. With the lockdown, as well as the new work from home culture, the JNAF in Mumbai started a doodle-challenge that is based on a painting. They ask their followers to share their lunch. Also, museums tapped into their community to invite musicians, dancers, and other artists to interpret collections. This way, it expands and builds community connections.

Crowdsourcing Content

A museum in Berlin is collecting stories of the pandemic online through its social media channels. It is a trend that seems to be just a thought at the beginning of the year. It is a prediction of what the museum of the future looks like. It is about digital collecting and how museums will tell the story of 2020 decades from now.