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In our latest pay per head reviews, we are taking a look at one of the newest pay per head providers in the market. They were operating as early as 2016, but it was a strictly invitation-only site. They opened their doors to the public in 2019. Surely a new company like Easy Pay Per Head would find it hard to compete with older and bigger players. But we are surprised to be hearing about them from quite a few people already. Which is what prompted us to make this Easy Pay Per Head review. 

Luckily, They offer a really good promotion- they have a free trial, no deposit required promo going on that we availed. True to their word, we only had to create log in credentials and we were able to access their software easily. So far, we can see why they are called Easy Pay Per Head. Next, we take a look at the quality of their software. 

EasyPayPerHead.com Pay Per Head Information

Easy Pay Per Head Info

  • Inception: 2016
  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Country Restriction: none
  • Telephone: (online contact form)
  • Live Chat: yes
  • email: brian@easypayperhead.com
  • Website: www.EasyPayPerHead.com

Easy Pay Per Head Features

  • 2 Free weeks
  • Price Per Player: $5
  • Player Prop Bet Generator
  • Sports Betting and Live Betting
  • Casino and Live Dealer Casino
  • Phone Betting
  • Online wagering

EasyPayPerHead.com Payment Options and Promotions

So far, Easy Pay Per head checks out well. Similar to many online bookie software, they have the functionality that allows both the bookie and their players to transact easily and securely. As a pay per head service, The payment options lie ultimately with the bookie. Some prefer transfers, while some would go for digital currencies. 

That being said, the software has a really good section where you can facilitate the processing of paying out your customers. You can set the amount, if its a payout, a bonus, free credits, or more. 

Speaking of promotions, for anyone who wants to be a bookie, they have really good free trial. Normally, software sites tell you they will give you a week or two free, but still require you to give a deposit. Basically, your free weeks is only valid if you go full time with them. In the case of Easy Pay Per Head, there really are no strings attached. 

As for the promos that you can offer as a bookie, they can compete with the best betting software in terms of flexibility. Here, you are in control of what you want to offer to your players, when, how, and how much. 

The Easy Pay Per Head Review

As we look at their software, we now understand why a lot of people are recommending Easy Pay Per Head. The site is very easy to use, although the design is somewhat bland. But the functionality is what got us interested. You see, the features they have- line management and player management- are what you would typically find with the top rated pay per head providers. So if you consider the features, they can compare with a lot of PPH software companies and do well.

When looking at the player site of things, we are also happy with what we see. Sure, the site looks a bit plain, but its negligible since the data is displayed well and the functions are easy to find. Even a brand new sports bettor will have no trouble placing bets on your sportsbook. 

Everything can be customized with Easy Pay Per Head. Creating player profiles was very easy. Adjusting their limits is a breeze. Their line management is so easy to navigate as well, and they do have a lot to offer in terms of betting options. Lastly, we have had to lags, delays, or anything the whole time we were online. 

Our Verdict about EasyPayPerHead.com

Go for Easy Pay Per Head. They offer the best features that the top pay per head companies do, but they offer it for just $5 per player each week. This is a very, very good price.

Most sportsbook providers with these kind of features can offer these services for at least $12, and can go up to $20+. Overall, its got a great price point, with features that definitely give you value for money.

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