Fewer Singapore Residents are Gambling According to Survey

Fewer Singapore Residents are Gambling According to Survey


According to the latest National Council on Problem Gambling survey, fewer Singapore residents are gambling. Also, potential gamblers remained low. The survey showed 44 percent of people surveyed gambled. It was a decrease from 52 percent three years ago, the last time the NCPG held a survey.

The overall potential problem gambling rate increased from 0.9 percent in 2017 to 1.2 percent. However, the number remained insignificant.

According to a guide to gambling in South Korea, the NCPG conducts the survey every three years. The 2020 survey showed that the average monthly betting amount dropped from S$30 in the previous study to S$15. Also, 89 percent of players wagered less than S100 each month.

Fewer Singapore Residents are Gambling

Fewer Singapore Residents are Gambling According to SurveyThe survey had 3,000 respondents. The NCPG used a questionnaire for the study that took place from February to December of 2020. Also, they made sure the number represented a vast number of demographics.

According to online gambling sources, the survey had a 62 percent response rate. It was lower than the 77 percent from the previous study. The organization said that COVID-19 restrictions led to most rejections.

In June 2020, the NCPG changed the questionnaire to inquire about the respondents’ gambling behavior in 2019. They made the change to lower the impact of the pandemic on respondents’ gambling behaviors.

According to online gambling news reports, gambling activities restrictions during the survey time impacted the responses. As a result, they got a lower participation rate in gambling activities.

The release of the survey report came as the Ministry of Home Affairs proposed to amend gambling laws. The Ministry wants to focus on online games offering virtual items that can be sold for real money. However, the survey didn’t include games with loot boxes.

NCPG chair Tan Kian Hoon said they are working with the government to study the latest developments in the gambling industry. Also, they want to improve the protection of people vulnerable to gambling harm.

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