NBA Sports Betting News: Latest COVID Tracker

NBA Sports Betting News: Latest COVID Tracker

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Much as we hate it, COVID is still a big factor in the sports, and therefore, the sports betting world. Sports leagues have protocols in place that can go as far as shut down a game should enough COVID violations be recorded. These changes can be very sudden. While your White Label sports betting service provider will take care of the lines for you, you still need to know what is happening. Which is why we are bringing you are latest NBA sports betting news on COVID matters.

The NBA dominates in the sports and global news networks, and with good reason. Many who are into sports are watching a very exciting season that is only beginning to heat up. Add to this the excitement that sudden roster changes can bring to sports betting lines, the NBA is also very popular with many who are into sports betting. Another exciting sport that people can win from is soccer. Here is a good guide to soccer betting.

The Latest NBA Sports Betting News

As of press time, there are more than 90 players who are under the NBA COVID safety protocols. The increase in cases is causing so much chaos, that some games are being postponed. Currently, 9 games are postponed, the latest games to be delayed being the Brooklyn Nets and The Portland Trail Blazers game, as well as the Chicago Bulls versus the Toronto Raptors game. The Nets and the Raptors are both unable to reach the league’s minimum requirement of eight available players.

Even coaches are in the protocol. LA Lakers Coach Frank Vogel, Kings Coach Alvin Gentry, and Pacers Coach Rick Carlisle are all in protocols. There will be tighter protocols, especially with players who are unvaccinated, and those who have not gotten booster shots. Some teams, like the Raptors, will be playing home games at 50% capacity due to public health concerns. With so many players under the COVID protocol, it will be very exciting to see how the teams will be able to handle their absence, and maximize a limited roster over the holidays.


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