Still No Sports Betting in Texas

Still No Sports Betting in Texas


Those who want to get into sports betting in Texas are in for a long wait as there is still no sports betting in Texas, and we won’t see it happen soon. There is quite a growing list of personalities and businesses that want to see sports betting legalized in the state. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jonas being the latest popular name to state their support. According to him sports betting is inevitable in the Lone Star State. Given how gambling is legal in other states across the country, even in neighboring Louisiana, its easy to see why.

For one, The potential for revenue from both sportsbook operators and the state is quite high. If you use a Price Per Player Sportsbook Software, you will see how easy it is to earn well in the industry. The billion-dollar industry can help the state fund programs for the citizens from the taxes collected from gaming revenue.

No Sports Betting in Texas

Still No Sports Betting in TexasAnd since the PASPA repeal a few years ago, many states have been busy establishing their own betting markets. Others have been slow on the uptake- perhaps initially doubtful. They only need to see how betting markets such as New Jersey and Iowa have performed to be inspired to follow suit. Now, these states collect millions in revenue each month.

And with software such as Bwager for sports betting, its actually quite easy to get into the industry. For Texans, however, their lawmakers are still not convinced that sports betting should be legal. Even worse, legislators will not be able to vote on sports betting until 2023. But given their past actions, its can be hard to predict if they will change their tune. And until Texas realizes that they are losing money with their reluctance, neighboring states like Louisiana will reap the benefit of being there, and having sportsbooks readily available for Texas who are willing to travel and place wagers on sports.


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