How A Sold-out NFL Game During the Pandemic

How A Sold-out NFL Game During the Pandemic

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The “Duval” cheers, the lights and the Jacksonville Jaguars were all in action again. However, it was clear that Week 3 in TIAA Bank Field was different from last year. Let us all see how it all has changed as we know how a sold-out NFL game looks during a pandemic.

NFL Game During the Pandemic

Upon entering a hot, early fall home opener, people sit next to each other, and strangers talk to one another. Along with it are the battery-operated fans that blew air inside a 100-degree temperature stadium.

There is always a quick emotional bond with nearby strangers around. It is because you all happen to be fans of the same team. All these were nearly impossible to do on Thursday night. You might need a scream to get the attention of your neighbor.

Social distancing and use of the restroom and face coverings were mandatory. These are the new realities for NFL fans attempting to experience football in the flesh during the pandemic.

Fans Are Always Excited

Jaguar Fans were excited to be home again, with their team has gotten off to a surprising 1-1 start. However, according to NFL betting sources, they may need to be cautious about a match with the Dolphins.

Miami got out to an early lead and never let up, winning 31-13, but fans still stuck it out nearly until the end of the fourth quarter. Perhaps enjoying a tiny bit of normalcy, we all have yearned for during this trying times of pandemic.