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Blind Monkey Media News provides gambling tutorials on different gambling activities, including traditional casino games, sports betting Korea sites, and more. We provide tips, guides, and strategies to improve your win rate.

Our online gambling tutorials cater to players and bookies alike. Our staff has years of experience in gambling and are happy to share their knowledge to teach people how to gamble. We have gambling tutorials for players of all levels. Blind Monkey Media News provides simple online gambling tutorials based on skill levels.

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Strategies to Beat Bookie Business Competition and Dominate the Market

To beat bookie business competition and dominate the market, it is crucial to start by analyzing your competitors. Understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and strategies will give you valuable insights into what does not work in the industry. Begin by researching...

Beating the Odds: How Fading the Public Can Give You an Edge in Sports Betting

Sports betting is a thrilling activity that offers the potential for both entertainment and profit. However, achieving consistent success in sports betting requires a strategic approach. One popular strategy that has gained traction among experienced bettors is...

Why is Owning a Sportsbook Popular?

When looking for ways to earn more, sports betting will come up a lot. But a more regular source of income in the sports betting business is not with betting, rather, with owning a sportsbook. By starting your own bookie business, you can earn money either as a side...

Common Video Poker Mistakes to Avoid

You can find video poker in most physical and online casinos. Also, it is one of the most played casino games today. If you are a beginner, we recommend learning the common video poker mistakes. That way, you can stay competitive and avoid losing money. The best pay...

Why Sports Betting is A Good Business to Invest On

Getting into sports betting is exciting, and it is a lucrative industry as well. So as a player or a bookie pay per head software user, there is much to learn, and earn. In our latest bookie tutorial, we will explain why sports betting is a good business to invest on....

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