UK Publishes New Land-Based Gambling Regulations

UK Publishes New Land-Based Gambling Regulations


The UK government’s Department of Culture, Media and Sports published new land-based gambling regulations. The next step is to present them before the Parliament. The DCMS also held a public consultation on the proposed legislation from July to October 2023. Their goal was to find changes needed for the land-based gambling sector to remain competitive against the rapid growth of online gambling.

Under the new regulations, the DCMS has significantly boosted compliant casinos. Those that adhere to the 1968 Act can now have an additional 80 gaming machines, provided they meet the size criteria outlined in the 2005 Act. This expansion in gaming capacity is a positive step for the industry, allowing all casinos to accept bets. Smaller establishments are also set to benefit, as they are being granted a proportional increase in the number of slot machines they can have, in line with the 1968 Act. These changes are designed to enhance the competitiveness and profitability of the industry.

According to Pay Per Head Genius sources, devices in arcades and bingo halls can now be classified as either Category B or Category C and D. This means these devices can have a 2:1 device-type ratio. As a result, a cabinet device type can accommodate at least one Category C or D gaming machine in addition to two Category B gaming machines. Everything remains the same with in-fills and tablets.

New Land-Based Gambling Regulations in the UK

UK Publishes New Land-Based Gambling RegulationsWith a strong commitment to player safety, the DCMS will authorize direct debit card payments on gambling machines for cashless transactions. Secondary legislation will implement the account verification. This measure, along with the limit of £100 in cash payments, clearly demonstrates our dedication to ensuring a safe and responsible gambling environment.

In addition, the government has announced that the UK Gambling Commission will consult on various player safety measures that might be incorporated into its Gaming Machine Technical Standards. These measures aim to provide suitable frictions for direct debit card payments.

According to pay per head news reports, gambling on Category-D slot-style machines by anybody under 18 will be criminalized, and gambling establishments will be obligated to implement an 18+ age verification system for their cash-outs.

While it collaborates with pertinent trade groups and operators to determine the proposal’s viability and the regularity of reporting to DCMS, it also suggests that the industry shoulder the costs, run, and, most importantly, report on the results of voluntary test purchases.

Licensing Authority Fee Changes

The Department for Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) will raise the maximum amount that English and Welsh local authorities may charge for a premises license by 15% to cover the costs of its administrative and enforcement gaming activities. Gambling businesses were pushing for a 10% rise while licensing authorities asked for 30%. Scots decide on their taxes.

Researchers, operators of adult gaming centers and bingo halls, advocacy organizations, casinos and other gambling establishments, individuals, local governments, representatives of pubs, and the gambling industry were among the many groups that submitted 87 comments to the consultation. In a follow-up consultation to collect further data on the 80/20 rule revision, 16 more replies were also received.

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