Justin Bieber Fills in For Drake In 'Popstar’ Music Video

Justin Bieber Fills in For Drake In ‘Popstar’ Music Video

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When you have a song titled “Popstar,” it might solely add up to recruit one among the most important ones within the world to star within the video.

In the video for DJ Khaled and Drake’s newest collaboration “Popstar,” Drake appears aggravated by DJ Khaled’s incessant harassing over recording the video for his or her song. “It’s such as you offer somebody everything you have got and they are similar to ‘another one, another one,'” he says, mocking Khaled’s signature “another one” tagline. ostensibly jaded with Khaled’s ill-natured, Drake turns to his last resort: Justin Bieber.

How Did Justin Bieber Fill in For Drake In ‘Popstar’ Music Video?

Justin Bieber Fills in For Drake In 'Popstar’ Music VideoShot by Director X, the subsequent scene finds the North American nation within the mussy (and terribly jammed, not socially-distant) sleeping room within the Biebs’ mansion. Biebs wakes up in a very luxurious pajama set, grabs a bottle of liquor, and takes the North American nation on a tour of his humble abode, with signs of the standard trappings of wealth: a huge mural of the Popstar himself, stacks of icy necklaces draped around his neck, party guests performing arts throughout the house, and in fact, manager to the world’s biggest popstars, Scooter Braun.

Speaking of pop stars, Biebs continues to mouth to Drake’s lyrics, together with the road that shouts out fellow stars Ariana Grande and JB’s ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. “Look, Ariana, Selena, my Visa/It will take as several charges because it must, my girl,” Drake raps on the song. Drake additionally provides Bieber his own shout-out on the song, rapping, “Shit do not even sometimes get this huge while not a Bieber’s face.”

After dancing in front of a line of foreign cars with friends, performing on the set of a music video shoot, and hosting a pool party while wearing a teal fur coat, Bieber is brought back to his real life, the one where he walks his dog with wife Hailey Bieber, who also makes a cameo in the video. But when Drake calls him at the end of the clip, Bieber is left to wonder if it was all a dream.