We May See Sports Betting in Ohio Soon

We May See Sports Betting in Ohio Soon


The sports betting industry in the US is rapidly growing, in spite of the pandemic, and Ohio may be a new betting market. With SB 111 introduced in the Senate, and HB 194 from the House, we may see sports betting in Ohio soon. This is a result of discussions between legislators over the summer.

Getting a final law on sports betting may take a while, especially if the terms in both bills are not similar. For now, they are getting feedback and comments on the proposed legislation. The next step would be for both the House and the Senate to consolidate the bills and eventually vote to pass it.

Sports Betting in Ohio

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Sports Betting Policies in the State

So far, there are no final details on oversight, access, tax and licensing fees. But the state should find a way to fast track a cohesive sports betting law as neighboring states are benefiting from Ohio bettors crossing over to bet on their sportsbooks. With states like Michigan and Pennsylvania offering mobile wagering, Ohio needs to establish a betting market that will be able to compete with other markets.

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