NSW Government to Amend Regulations on Gambling Providers

NSW Government to Amend Regulations on Gambling Providers


The NSW government plans to amend regulations on gambling providers. Their goal is to provide better protection for players. Also, the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority is reviewing the Totalizator Regulation and the Betting and Racing Regulation.

The review covers measures to prevent gambling harm, including penalty notice prescription, counseling services, special exemptions, and allowable TAB shareholdings. According to offshore sportsbook sources, the amendments are available for community and industry comment until June 22. Also, they will implement the final legislation in September.

According to casino news reports, the draft amendments propose more penalty notice offenses for gambling providers, including sportsbooks. Also, they will provide an alternative to court prosecutions; fees adjusted yearly for inflation; allowing the Secretary to change the wording of gambling help notices and mandatory counseling; and the ban on specific gambling promos.

New Regulations on Gambling Providers in NSW

NSW Government to Amend Regulations on Gambling ProvidersThe review’s goal is to make sure rules and regulations are updated with changing community and industry expectations. For example, according to online gambling news, a big part of the community enjoys betting without developing into a problem.

The regulations will allow the NSW gambling industry to become sustainable. Also, they ensure that the penalties are proportionate and fair. The government also ensures that people suffering from gambling get the help they need.

The regulations support the legislation and set the standards for how service providers conduct their business. Also, it guarantees that gambling is a safe form of entertainment and leisure in NSW.

The regulators are seeking the interests of all stakeholders during the consultation period. They want to ensure that the gambling industry remains profitable and operates in the community’s interests.

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