Lottomatica Offers Instant Highlights and Stats Overlays for Tennis

Lottomatica Offers Instant Highlights and Stats Overlays for Tennis


Lottomatica signed a deal with Stats Perform, allowing the Italian sportsbook to provide highlights and stats overlays for live tennis streams. It will be the first sports betting firm to do so. Also, both Better and Goldbet brands from Lottomatica will benefit from this deal.

According to global news reports, tennis is the latest sport to be covered by Stats Perform’s solutions. Instant Highlights allows players to rewatch vital game moments while the game is still ongoing. Aside from tennis, the feature is also available for football. The solution covers various leagues and events, including La Liga and Ligue 1.

In tennis, players can rewatch highlights from Wimbledon, WTA, and Australian Open, to name a few. According to gambling and poker news sources, Smart Stats Overlay will provide players using Better and Goldbet with real-time betting stats on the screen. Also, the features will be available for tennis and football streams. Thus, players will have access to vital info.

Lottomatica Offers Overlays for Tennis Live Streams

Lottomatica Offers Instant Highlights and Stats Overlays for TennisAccording to Bwager sources, Stats Perform will offer both highlights and stats overlay services to sportsbook operators via its Content Player Pro. In addition, it is a user-friendly API for personalized product development.

Andrew Ashenden, the chief betting officer of Stats Perform, said Smart Stats Overlays and Instant Highlights would provide everything that players want. Thus, it will help sportsbook operators attract new players and retain existing ones. Ashenden added that he is happy to sign a partnership deal with Lottomatica.

On the other hand, Lottomatica becomes a pioneer in providing the two solutions for tennis. Also, Stats Perform is confident that Smart Stats Overlays and Instant Highlights will be a success for tennis, as they were for football. Lottomatica said two solutions would help them provide advanced live-streaming experiences to players.

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