NBA In-Season Tournament Guide

NBA In-Season Tournament Guide

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If you look at the latest NBA news, you will be reading a lot about the latest event in the league, the NBA In-Season Tournament. But what is the NBA In-Season Tournament, and how is it different from the regular season? Our guide will help you understand the format, how it works, the schedule, and other details you will need.

If you manage a sportsbook and use bookie software like that of Sports Betting Solution Asia, then you need not worry about the odds for this tournament. They will automatically offer lines for the tournament, and each game within, so all you need to do is manage those lines as needed.

The NBA In-Season Tournament is a new competition for all 30 NBA teams in the 2023 season. The inaugural tournament opens November 3, and will end on December 9. With over a month of 67 additional games, bookies have an additional income stream. Just use a good Bookie Pay Per Head service to make sure you can manage the additional games efficiently.


NBA In-Season Tournament

NBA In-Season Tournament GuideThe tournament consists of two stages- the Group Play, then the Knockout Rounds. All 30 teams will be randomly drawn into groups of 5 within their conference. This will be based on win-loss records from the previous season. Each team will play four Group Play games each on Tournament Nights. They will face one game against each opponent in its group. Two of these games will be home games, with the other two on the road. The format and the logistics of the games will be crucial for the team’s chances in moving towards the championship. Keep this in mind when managing the wagers for this event through your sportsbook pay per head software.

Now, for the Knockout Rounds, there will be eight teams joining. The team with the best standing in Group Play games in each of the six groups, plus two wild cards. Wild Cards will be the teams from each conference with the best record in the Group Play that finishes second in their group. They will then play single-elimination games, all the way to the Championship. Teams will compete for a prize pool, a new trophy, called the NBA Cup, and of course, bragging rights of being the first team in the league’s history to win the tournament.


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