Will We See iGaming in Maine this 2024?

Will We See iGaming in Maine this 2024?


Any sportsbook owner using a pay per head software will attest to how lucrative the sports betting industry is. Maine is new to the picture, only legalizing online sports betting in 2023. But the state is quick to appreciate the potential of not just wagering, but iGaming as well. Legislators are mulling the possibility of adding iGaming in Maine, but first, let us see if everyone relevant agrees.

Back in 2023, Senator Laura Supica filed for LD 1777. This bill aims to extend to tribes in Maine control over gambling throughout the state, including online casinos. If you look at this pay per head bookie service, you will see that they offer a complete slate of gambling products, from sports betting to casino gaming and horse racing. This is because as popular as online sports betting is, iGaming can be just as profitable, and even more.



iGaming in Maine: Its Potential

Will We See iGaming in Maine this 2024?The bill is under discussion, and was talked about in the first second-session meeting of this year. As mentioned earlier, the bill aims to allow Maine’s tribes to offer online gambling aside from sports betting. The bill plans on charging a flat tax of 10% on all online wagering. The tax will go to other public programs aside from where sports betting taxes are used on.

If you look at this gambling directory, you will see that there are a lot of options available online- each with different themes, target markets, and such. And if you look at states that allow for these sites to operate- revenue has been very satisfactory and the government benefits from this as well.

So far, the bill has the support from both House Speaker Rachel Talbot and Senate President Troy Jackson, so we may see a good bicameral cooperation for this bill. However, there may be resistance from other parties, like Governor Janet Mills, who has not been supportive of gambling in the state. Many may also question the exclusivity being given to tribes- and how it may prevent better competition by allowing other operators to set up shop in Maine.


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